5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Blogs

When building an online business, having a well-developed catalog of blog content can significantly impact your success. The issue, however, is many merchants face limitations using Shopify’s native blog editor, preventing them from creating compelling blogs and effectively driving traffic through content marketing strategies.

Rest assured. We have solutions for you. We will dive into five suggestions to help you create high-quality blog content efficiently. Implementing these strategies into your content strategy will allow you to drive organic traffic and bring your content marketing goals to fruition.


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AI Blog Generator

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Not everyone is a skilled writer, so creating and maintaining blogs can be daunting. In the past, this would be where you would hire a copywriter or a freelance writer. However, there is a much simpler solution. This solution is an AI blog generator. 


AI Shopify apps, like Blog Pilot, make crafting blogs simple. As the user, all you need is an idea, keywords, and a target audience, and you’re off. Blog Pilot will handle the rest, creating well-written, optimized, engaging content. 


Leveraging AI blog generators also have the side effect of reclaiming time originally lost to the writing process. So, now time can be spent creating winning marketing campaigns that leverage the content you’re generating.


Blog Templates & Themes

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Implementing visuals is another way to get the most mileage out of your blog. Consider utilizing templates or themes for your blog posts. This will ensure that each post will have consistent and engaging visuals. Using a template provides frameworks for layouts, typography, color schemes, and more to create a more cohesive professional-looking blog section. Not only does this look good on your part it also saves time and effort in designing blogs. 


Shopify’s themes serve a similar purpose and enable you to customize the visual aspects of your blog. With this editor, you can easily modify fonts, colors, and layouts to align with brand guidelines. By incorporating your brand's visuals (logos, color palette,  and typography) you can create seamless experiences for your readers. 


Together, bog templates and Shopify themes create a consistent and branded experience that simplifies the process of adding visuals to your content. Creating these visually appealing pieces that align with your brand’s aesthetic also serves to strengthen brand recognition and trust among your audience.



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Knowing what to write about is crucial for driving organic traffic to your site. An effective method is to identify keywords using tools like WordStream. WordStream is a free keyword tool that provides valuable insight into performance data and the top search keywords to help you make informed decisions about your content.


Keyword research provides information about your industry or niche, reflecting topics people actively search for. That is what makes WordStream so powerful. It pulls data based on your website or keywords you believe are relevant. The performance data WordStream gathers provides insight into keyword competition, search volume trends, and suggested keywords. 


From this data, you can compile a list of keywords that are a mix of high search volume and low competition, giving your blog a higher chance of ranking well on search engine results. If you are strategic enough, you’ll significantly boost your blog’s visibility and efficiently attract your target audience to your store.


Related Blogs

Promoting your blogs on different parts of your website is a great way to introduce your customers to some of your blog content and increase engagement. While related blogs may be a heading you'd typically see at the bottom of a blog, it's a strategy you can use across your website. 

Integrating related blog links or sections into other areas of your website, such as homepages, product pages, or even navigation menus, encourages your customers to learn more about your brand and your products. Customers are more likely to spend more time and engage with your site when you do this. For instance, you could promote popular blogs on your home page to catch visitors' attention, or if you have blogs related to specific products you sell, attach them to the related product pages. 

By strategically adding related blog content across your site, you create multiple touchpoints for your customers to learn more about your brand. The best part is that placing these blogs can be as simple as embedding a link to learn more to dedicated sections in the footer that changes based on viewing behavior.


Leveraging Outside Content

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Finally, consider leveraging external sites to support and enhance your blog content. Countless sites like Unsplash provide valuable, high-quality visuals you can use in your blogs. Unsplash offers a vast collection of royalty-free images from photographers around the world. Incorporating these images gives another layer to your content, enhancing the overall reading experience. Nothing is better than having visuals complement concepts you’re learning/reading about. 


Leveraging sites like Unsplash allows you to elevate your content while also providing recognition for the artists that created the images. Considering it’s free, there is nothing to lose by utilizing these libraries to create more engaging blogs for your readers and customers.


Wrap up

Maximizing your blog content requires implementing various strategies, from leveraging AI-generated blogs to incorporating images and graphics from external sources. Regardless of whether you’re a world-renowned writer or someone who barely survived high school English, employing these suggestions will give you every tool you’ll need to produce blog content that captures your audience. 


Save your time and create engaging, discoverable content by implementing these strategies in your own content marketing. Considering most of the suggestions we made are free, there is nothing stopping you from giving them a try on your own blog sections. 


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