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Privacy Policy

 Information Collected

        At Blog Pilot, we believe in privacy as a fundamental right. Accordingly, we only collect what is absolutely necessary for our service to work. When you're using Blog Pilot through our app, we collect the following information: . We also collect store information including: domain name and store name, as well as the information you provide us when you sign up for and use our service.

We do not collect customer-level data!

 How We Use Your Data

        Your data is used to provide our services, to offer customer support, and for the app's core functionality. Your data may be used on occasion to update, correct and delete your information. We also use your data to send you emails about our service, including updates, new features, and other information we think you'll find useful.

 Your Rights

        We believe you should unequivocally own your data. Accordingly, you have the right to request a copy of your data and to request that we delete your data. Requests of this nature will be taken seriously and will be processed as promptly as possible, within 30 days.

Feel Free to Contact Us with any questions you may have about our Privacy Policy.

You can reach us at: [email protected]